5 Things Every First-Year Audit Trainee should know

5 Things Every First-Year Audit Trainee should know

5 Things Every First-Year Audit Trainee should know

Aspirants who get into various audit forms as audit trainees are from different streams. Of course, they are students and graduates from accountancy background but the criterion for getting into an audit firm as a trainee differs from one person to the other. While one might get into a firm as a trainee only to get a permanent job there, many others do it as a part of their internship. Interns who get into audit firms can be college students or students who are into professional courses as in CA, CMA, and CS among others.

Irrespective of what category you belong to, the first year is definitely a hell in audit firms. That’s probably the first time you are going to apply your theoretical knowledge practically and expecting you to be perfect in first go can be heartless. You will have to learn to manage all of this and achieve your target. So here are some of the things that you have to know if it is your first year in an audit firm.


Things first-year audit trainees should know:

Below listed are some of the important things that every first-year audit trainee:

It’s good to be inquisitive:

In case if you have a questioning mind that is not bad at all. It is good to be inquisitive as long as your questions are valid and reasonable. You will learn more things, and you will always be better than others only if you have a questioning mind. So do not feel bad to ask questions. If people are judgemental, it’s their pain.

Shadow your mentor:

If you are into an audit firm, you probably must have a mentor who is there to guide you all the time. Shadow your mentor. This will help you learn a lot. You will understand the actual process involved in auditing only when you are into real-life circumstances. Having an eye on your mentor will help you learn things much quicker.

It lies in the way you speak:

Communication is an important skill, and you are expected to have enough of it if you wish to outwit your peers. As a prospective auditor, you will be able to tackle different types of customers only when you are able to speak your thoughts properly. You have to be convincing and professionally sound when it comes to communication. You will be judged by your superiors within a matter of few days, and you are expected to prove yourself within that.

Do not feel embarrassed:

The first few days of training can be very much embarrassing. As we saw earlier, you will meet people who are from different walks of life. Their education and experience might put them a little ahead of you sometimes. Don’t feel bad. Keep giving your best, and the rest will automatically fall into place.

Learning is never-ending:

Every single day as a trainee is very much important, and every new day you will learn something new. Never feel content with what you have learned. Keep searching for something new, and when you learn something new, cherish your new-found knowledge. This is the only way to survive and also the means to become a successful auditor or an accountant.


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